Most Americans Didn’t Like Rove’s Comments On Hillary’s ‘Traumatic Brain Injury’


Anyone subscribing to the idea that Karl Rove is engaging in some devilishly smart politics by going out of his way to talk about Hillary Clinton’s health and age might want to take a look at a poll that dropped Wednesday morning.

The latest Washington Post-ABC News survey indicated that the man hailed as the “architect” of George W. Bush’s two successful presidential campaigns may have outwitted himself. Two-thirds of Americans said they disapprove of Rove “raising questions” about the former secretary of state’s “age and health.”

Only a quarter of respondents said they approve of Rove’s comments.

Rove has spent much of this month discussing Clinton’s fitness for the presidency after he addressed her late-2012 hospitalization at a conference in California. He insisted that he never said Clinton had “brain damage,” but contended that it’s fair game to talk about a would-be candidate’s health.

On Monday, Rove was at it again, calling Clinton is “old and stale.”