Kanye: I Felt ‘Castrated,’ Forced Into ‘Arranged Marriage’ To Support Hillary


In a long and winding interview with the New York Times on Monday, Kanye West discussed his support for President Donald Trump and the immense pressure he felt as a prominent black voice to get behind Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

He said he was “castrated,” that people told him: “You have to like Hillary. That’s got to be your choice.”

He compared the situation to an arranged marriage. “…because you’re black, because you make very sensitive music, because you’re a very sensitive soul, it was like an arranged marriage or something,” he said. “And I’m like, that’s not who I want to marry.”

He said that his support is more emotional than academic. “Having a political opinion that’s overly informed, it’s like knowing how to dress, as opposed to being a child — ‘I like this.’ I hear Trump talk and I’m like, I like the way it sounds, knowing that there’s people who like me that don’t like the way it sounds,” he said, adding that he does not support all of Trump’s policies.

West made headlines recently when he emerged from his Twitter hiatus with a series of supportive tweets about Trump, calling him his “brother” and claiming that the two share “dragon energy.” Soon after, he drew intensive fire for calling slavery a “choice” during an interview with TMZ.