Nurse Slams Christie’s Mandatory Quarantine: It’s ‘Unacceptable’

The nurse confined to a Newark, N.J. hospital due to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s new mandatory quarantine for health workers returning from West Africa slammed the governor’s new policy on Sunday.

“This is an extreme that is really unacceptable, and I feel like my basic human rights have been violated,” Kaci Hickox told CNN over the phone. “To put me through this emotional and physical stress is completely unacceptable.”

Hickox also criticized Christie for his comment that she was “obviously ill.”

“For him — a politician who’s trusted and respected — to make a statement that’s categorically not true is just unacceptable and appalling,” she said.

She said that fear sparked by Ebola has gotten out of control.

“I just feel like fear is winning right now, and when fear wins, everyone loses,” Hickox said.