Judge Orders Jon Husted To Attend Ohio Early Voting Hearing

It isn’t just the Obama campaign that is upset over Ohio’s decision to ignore a federal court order instructing them to reinstate early voting during the three day period before the November election. The federal judge who issued the decision seems pretty perturbed too, ordering Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted to show up to a Sept. 13 hearing in-person. 

“This Court hereby ORDERS that Defendant Secretary of State Jon Husted personally attend the hearing,” U.S. District Judge Peter Economus wrote in an order Wednesday afternoon.

Husted had authored a memo stating he wouldn’t schedule early voting hours during the three day period before the election until an appeals court ruled on Economus’ decision. The Obama campaign said Wednesday that the state of Ohio “appears to believe it can issue [a stay] on its own authority.”

(H/T Rick Hasen)