Jon Stewart To Media Using His Obamacare Jokes: ‘Go F*ck Yourselves’ (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart trotted out a choir on Thursday night’s “Daily Show” to deliver a message to members of the media who used his comedy to criticize Obamacare and its administrative chief, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius: “Go f*ck yourselves.” 

The comedian played clips of cable news talking heads who wondered aloud what effect “losing Jon Stewart” would have on the national dialogue about the health care law. One senator suggested on Fox News that Sebelius should resign after reaching the point where she was lampooned on television, prompting Stewart to ask “if that causes things to end, why was the network you were on still on the air?”

And if laughing at federal officials meant it was time for those officials to step down, he continued, why didn’t anyone mention that to former President George W. Bush or former Vice President Dick Cheney?

“Look, making fun of something, that’s nothing new for us,” Stewart said, “so don’t act like us making jokes about a certain program or president is evidence that that politician or issue has reached some kind of tipping point for action.”