Jon Stewart Reenacts Rep. Grimm’s Latest Scandal As ‘GlutenFellas’ (VIDEO)

The irony of a congressman who was once recorded telling a reporter that he’d throw him “off this f*cking balcony” now being indicted on federal fraud charges in connection with an earthy-crunchy health food restaurant was not lost on Jon Stewart.

The comedian mocked Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) on Wednesday’s “The Daily Show” for being the latest example of “classic northeastern corruption.” This week the Staten Island congressman was hit with a long litany of federal charges including mail, wire and health care fraud, filing false tax returns, and employing undocumented immigrants.

“You got your hot-headed public official, massive bust by the feds — all that’s missing is shady back room dealings in a dank restaurant,” he added.

But the business that led the feds to Grimm wasn’t a “classy Italian joint” — it was a health food restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side called “Healthalicious.”

“So is this what northeastern corruption has come to?” Stewart asked. “Closing bridge lanes and skimming a little off the top of a broccoli-and-lentil joint?”

That all led into Stewart’s finger-puppet rendition of “GlutenFellas.”

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central: