Stewart Skewers Huck’s Comparison Of Gays To Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp (VIDEO)

“The Daily Show” admitted that it was short on news Monday night, so host Jon Stewart gleefully turned to the latest soundbite from former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R).

Huckabee, who told CNN host Dana Bash on Sunday that he refused to deviate from the Scriptures on accepting homosexuality, ended up saying that forcing Christian individuals to take part in gay marriages would be like forcing a Jew “to serve bacon-wrapped shrimp in their deli.”

Stewart rolled his eyes.

“First of all, let me just clarify something,” the host began, “not all Jews own a deli.”

“Some of us are lawyers who represent deli owners,” he added.

But Stewart recognized Huckabee’s concern for the Christian bakers or court officials who would be required to compromise on their beliefs if gay marriage became the law of the land.

So the host pointed out that the Bible, which Huckabee said he cannot deviate from, also demands that a bride be a virgin, and asked why the rigorous biblical standards only applied to gay people.

“I’m pretty sure Christian business owners, when the happy couple comes to order their cake, doesn’t go, ‘Well I’d love to bake your cake, but first, hymen test!'” Stewart said, putting on his best Johnny Carson impression.

Stewart followed up the point with an interview with “Bacon-Wrapped Shrimpy,” the bacon-wrapped shrimp.

Watch the clip, courtesy of Comedy Central: