‘Huh?!’ Jon Stewart Baffled By Sarah Palin’s Waterboarding Remarks (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart was clearly mortified at the prospect of an America under the leadership of a terrorist-baptizing Sarah Palin on Tuesday’s “The Daily Show.”

The comedian played a clip of the former Alaska governor’s weekend appearance at a National Rifle Association rally, where she proclaimed that if she were “in charge,” jihadists “would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

Stewart was baffled that Palin would equate a Christian sacrament with torture in an attempt to “somehow bring the fear of god to religious extremists.”

“Where is that speech even appropriate, at an al-Qaeda recruitment how-to video workshop?” he wondered.

“Maybe she’s giving one of those famed ‘Huh?!’ talks — they’re like TED Talks, except they make no sense,” he added.

Stewart then slammed the NRA for straying away from its gun safety mission and towards a crusade to arm citizens who can stand up to those pesky “haters,” as NRA boss Wayne LaPierre christened his detractors.

Watch below in two clips, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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