Jon Stewart Unloads On FIFA: Soccer Finally Gets Its ‘Perp Walk’ (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart had good news for American soccer fans on Wednesday evening: Despite their small numbers in the U.S., their favorite game will soon be just as well-publicized as other scandal-ridden sports.

“Now, finally, soccer is getting its perp walk,” the host of “The Daily Show” said.

He ran through the headlines that the U.S. government had charged over a dozen FIFA officials and executives for 24 years of corruption that included bribery, shady shell companies and cash smuggling. The lot was arrested in Switzerland this month.

“FIFA is so bad, they got arrested by the Swiss!” he said. “A country whose official policy on Nazi gold was, and I quote, ‘we’ll allow it.'”

At the same time, Stewart looked at developing news on big banks like HSBC that have been busted for rampant money laundering. He noticed that there were no criminal charges for that crew.

Stewart proceeded with a thought-experiment: What if the people who were just arrested had been money-laundering bankers rather than sports officials?

“Let the word go forth! If you fuck with sport, you will go to jail,” he said. “If you were part of the financial institution that laundered the money that fucked with sport, you will go to the Hamptons or some of you to”

Watch the clip, courtesy of Comedy Central: