John Oliver Takes On Exaggerated Headlines By Destroying A Piñata (VIDEO)

John Oliver on Sunday took on Internet news sites and the way they cover his show with exaggerated headlines in a short clip published Sunday night before the “Last Week Tonight” host’s two week hiatus.

Oliver started by explaining that most people have no clue that he now has his own show.

“But if you’re a regular Huffington Post reader, you may recognize me as the man who tore apart FIFA, verbally pantsed Dr. Oz and pulverized fictional Canadian Caillou’s stupid bald head into dust,” he said, noting that he made up the third headline.

He then launched into a monologue about how the media will use words like “destroy,” “slam” and “eviscerate” to describe his jokes and criticisms.

“The Internet does not know how to describe things anymore,” he declared.

Oliver demonstrates this point by criticizing piñatas.

“Up until this point, I’ve just made some deservedly mean jokes about them,” he said. “But now for the sake of accurate Internet headlines, I will literally destroy them.”

He then literally destroys a piñata.

Watch below, courtesy of HBO:

“The Daily Show” host John Stewart did a similar bit in 2010, making fun of headlines about his own commentary on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.