Fox Correspondent: Hillary’s Overcompensating On Foreign Policy Because ‘She’s A Woman’


Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters said Wednesday during an appearance on “Outnumbered” that Hillary Clinton has been “hawkish” on foreign policy issues because she’s trying to “overcompensate” for being a woman.

Watters was the “one lucky guy” on the show’s panel, which turned its attention to the former secretary of state’s recent criticism of President Obama on foreign matters.

Watters said the reason Clinton was coming off as aggressive on the matter was simple.

“She’s a woman,” Watters said. “She’s trying to overcompensate. … I think Hillary has, you know, feels a little insecure because she’s a female running to be the commander-in-chief. I think she tries to come out and be very hawkish. I think she’s gonna get burned by this.”

Watch below, via Media Matters: