Jeb And Mitt Didn’t Actually Talk About 2016 At Utah Meeting


It sounds like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney covered a wide range of topics at their meeting Thursday in Utah — except the one on everybody’s mind.

Bush was asked about the meeting on a Friday at an event in San Francisco, the Washington Post reported. He said the two potential 2016 contenders, who are expected to vie for many of the same donors and voters if they both decide to run, chatted about the National Football League — but they didn’t really touch on the fact that they could be political opponents soon.

“We talked about the Patriots,” Bush said. “We talked a little bit about politics, not as much as you might imagine. We talked about the future of the country. We talked about the need for a more engaged foreign policy,” Bush said. “The awkward side of this, about running and such, we put aside.”