Jeb Bush Makes GOP Case To Latinos Without Mentioning Immigration

Acknolwedging the changing demographics in the United States and a culture within the Republican Party that has often been hostile to Latino voters, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told Fox News on Thursday that Mitt Romney can improve his weak standing among the growing voting bloc by emphasizing national security, energy policy and health care.  But notably absent in Bush’s pitch to Latino voters was the party’s approach to immigration reform.

I think [Romney] can say help is on the way, that we tried it one way and it hasn’t worked. Now let’s go back to the traditional approach of creating through limited government more opportunity for people and focus on sustained, high growth as a means by which we lift people’s spirits because jobs will be available. That means reindustrializing the country. That means an energy policy that is based on our own innovations and resources. That means a total review of all of these mind boggling rules and compliance costs that make it hard for jobs to be created. That means repealing Obamacare and moving to a market-oriented healthcare access insurance plan. It means tax reform. It means entitlement reforms. These are messages that resonate with hispanic voters just as much as they resonate with everybody else.


Bush will speak at the Republican National Convention tonight.