Twitter Suspends Anti-Muslim British Figure Retweeted By Trump

Penelope Barritt/REX/Shutterstock/FEREX

Twitter on Monday suspended the account of Jayda Fransen, a leader of a far-right British group who posted anti-Muslim videos that President Donald Trump retweeted in November.

As of late Monday morning Twitter showed that the account belonging to Fransen, @JaydaBF, had been suspended. Fransen is the deputy leader of the group Britain First. The account for Britain First leader Paul Golding, @GoldingBF, was also suspended.

Fransen in November tweeted three videos supposedly showing Muslim people committing acts of violence, at least two of which have been debunked. Trump then retweeted the videos, drawing criticism from British Prime Minister Theresa May and from Republican lawmakers in the United States.

The account suspensions came on the same day that Twitter began enforcing new rules on hate speech announced in November. With the new rules, Twitter will begin to penalize accounts with hateful imagery in their profiles and display names, as well as accounts that abuse or threaten others through their profile information.