Jay Carney Mocks Karl Rove For Hillary ‘Brain Injury’ Comment


White House spokesman Jay Carney on Tuesday mocked Karl Rove’s memorable 2012 election night meltdown in light of the Republican strategist’s recent comments on Hillary Clinton’s health.

Carney poked fun at Rove during his daily press briefing when asked if the White House was aware of health issues Clinton dealt with during her time at the State Department that were not communicated to the public.

“Dr. Rove might have been the last person in America on election night to acknowledge and recognize that the President won reelection, including the state of Ohio, so we’ll leave it at that,” Carney responded.

Rove had insisted Fox News, where he is a contributor, was wrong in calling the state of Ohio for Barack Obama on election night in 2012.

He raised questions about Clinton’s health last week at a conference, where he reportedly suggested that she suffered a “traumatic brain injury” as the result of a fainting incident in 2012. The Republican strategist later denied that he said Clinton had brain damage, but argued that it’s appropriate to question her health and age if she runs for president in 2016.