ReaganBook Founder Calls For Boycott Of Target Over Gay Marriage


Janet Porter, of ReaganBook fame, announced on Monday that she will be boycotting Target because the retail store has taken “aim at natural marriage.”

Porter made her announcement in response to Target’s support of marriage equality during her daily radio commentary, which runs on her “Faith2Action” website.

Porter said Target was “using your hard-earned shopping dollars to stand for counterfeit marriage.”

“Target added their name to a legal defense brief to redefine marriage and undermine the voters in Wisconsin and Indiana who protected marriage between one man and one woman,” she said.

Porter also said that she voiced her dissatisfaction directly with the mass retailer.

“I called Target to let them know I won’t be shopping there anymore until they reverse their policy on the corruption of marriage, and you can too. … Stand for marriage by boycotting Target.”

Porter made headlines recently by creating ReaganBook, which was described as a “Facebook for Patriots” who sought to avoid censorship by Facebook administrators. The site was shut down soon after its launch because it was flooded by trolls.

h/t Right Wing Watch