GOP Senate Candidate’s Children In Ad: Our Dad Is Cheap

Rep. Jack Kingston’s (R-GA) children want you to know their dad is cheap.

The four children of the GOP Senate candidate are featured in a new ad describing their father’s thrifty habits.

“Our dad is Jack Kingston, he really is cheap and it’s not just the car he drives,” Betsy, one of Kingston’s daughters said, referring to a previous ad on Kingston choosing to drive an old station wagon to save money.

“He’ll drive five miles on empty, just to save two cents a gallon,” Kingston’s son Jack said.

Later in the ad Jack said that for his dad “it’s about personal responsibility and respecting the value of a dollar.”

“He’ll be the same way in the Senate,” Kingston’s daughter Ann said.

Some of the most negative coverage of Kingston in the Georgia Senate race has focused on spending. In December Kingston suggested poor students should sweep floors to earn their school lunches. An investigation by Georgia’s WSAV channel 3 found Kingston had expensed $4,182 worth of lunches to his office over the past three years.

Watch the new ad below:

(H/t: The Hill)

(Photo credit: Youtube)