Hillary Clinton Projected To Win Nevada


Fox News and the Associated Press have projected that Hillary Clinton has won the state of Nevada and the state’s six electoral votes.

The race was considered neck and neck for most of the campaign, but a growing Latino population and changing electorate mostly likely pushed Clinton over the edge.

In the lead up to Election Day, early vote numbers signaled strong Democratic turnout with Democrats having a 72,000 vote advantage in the state’s largest Clark County, a bigger advantage than President Obama had in 2012 when he won the race by 7 points.

A large Latino turnout as well Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s Democratic machine are all credited with helping Clinton win the state.

“After two years of boosting voter registration among key Democratic demographics, the retiring Senate minority leader has brought turnout among Hispanics in the state to record levels. In doing so, he’s almost surely delivered the state for Hillary Clinton—and possibly with it the presidential race,” Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston wrote in Politico earlier this week.

Donald Trump had called news of long lines at a Latino grocery store in Las Vegas part of a “rigged” system over the weekend.

“Folks, it’s a rigged system. It’s a rigged system. And we’re going to beat it,” he had said the day after early voting ended in the state.