Texas 10-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots 4-Year-Old Cousin With Rifle

A 10-year-old boy reportedly shot his 4-year-old cousin by accident with a rifle inside the girl’s home in Harris County, Texas on Saturday.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Thomas Gililand told The Houston Chronicle that the boy discovered the rifle and discharged it at about noon on Saturday. According to Fox News’ Houston affiliate, when the boy discovered the rifle, he thought it was a toy and started playing with it. When it discharged, the bullet hit his cousin in her lower leg, according to Gililand.

The girl was taken by paramedics to a local hospital, according to Fox News’ Houston affiliate. The injury was considered serious but not life threatening.

Gililand also said the rifle was brought to the home by a relative the night before.

Image via Shutterstock / Michael Coddington