Hannity on Scarborough: ‘Liberal Joe’ Is Just A Prop (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Sean Hannity fired back at MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Monday, slamming the ‘Morning Joe’ host as just a “prop” used by Washington insiders to “attack conservatives.”

“It’s not really worth responding to liberal Joe and his under 400,000 viewers or whatever he has,” Hannity said on Fox News. “His radio show failed, his TV show is failing, he has kind of sold his soul, you know, on a liberal network, and he attacks conservative and is used by a prop by his insider Washington pals to attack conservatives.”

Scarborough previously criticized the Fox News host for asking if President Barack Obama and Trayvon Martin are similar because they both “smoked pot, did a little blow.” Obama said in his speech Friday that Trayvon could have been him 35 years ago.

“It seems we keep hearing that Trayvon had it coming because he had pot in his system: I keep hearing this from people like Sean Hannity and others on the right,” Scarborough continued. “Really? Would we like to go across college campuses in America and tell all white boys that if they have marijuana in their system they are fair game?”

Watch Hannity on Fox News below: