Gwen Ifill Lists Stories That Deserve More Attention Than Benghazi (VIDEO)

Conservatives feel pretty vindicated these days about Benghazi. The emergence of a memo, they insist, cements what they’ve claimed for nearly two years: the White House engaged in some kind of cover-up following the 2012 attack.

But the story still strikes PBS news anchor Gwen Ifill as a bit political. And, she said, there are other stories probably deserving of more attention.

“If this weren’t about politics, we would be talking about the 200-plus missing girls in Nigeria,” Ifill said Sunday on CNN. “We’d be talking about the outbreak of war in South Sudan. There are so many important issues around the world which involves people’s lives, helpless people’s lives, that could use a little attention.”

Emboldened by an email that shows a White House aide explaining how to discuss the attack, House Republicans announced their intention last week to set up a select committee to investigate the attack.

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer gloated that many journalists “are somewhat embarrassed by the fact that unlike Fox they allowed themselves to be stoned and spun and rolled for a year-and-a-half and now the memo appears and it’s obvious they missed the story.”