Gunman’s Mother: Aaron Alexis Is ‘In A Place Where He Can No Longer Do Harm’

The mother of Aaron Alexis, the man police identified as the gunman who killed 12 people at the Washington, DC Navy Yard on Monday, told NBC News¬†Wednesday that she was heartbroken over her son’s actions.

“Our son, Aaron Alexis, has murdered 12 people and wounded several others,” Alexis’ mother, Cathleen Alexis, told a reporter from her Brooklyn home. “His actions have had a profound and everlasting effect on families of the victims. I don’t know why he did what he did and I’ll never be able to ask him why. Aaron is now in a place where he can no longer do harm to anyone, and for that, I am glad. To the families of the victims, I am so, so very sorry that has happened. My heart is broken.”