Report: GOP Senators To Be Outspent By Dems In Final Weeks Of The Campaign


Republicans are on track to spend less than Democrats on television advertising in key Senate battlegrounds in the final weeks of the campaign, according to a report from Politico.

Politico reported Saturday that Republicans are on track to be “massively outspent on TV ads” in “seven of the eight” battleground states.

That adds mounting pressure for the GOP to reallocate money from the top of the ticket to save the GOP’s Senate majority as Trump’s presidential bid seems more and more tenuous.

According to Politico’s analysis, in Nevada, Missouri, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Indiana Democrats are slated to spend more than Republicans on ads boosting their candidate. In Florida, Republicans are scheduled to spend more at this point.

The spending pattern could reflect sentiment within the Democratic Party that Hillary Clinton is comfortably ahead enough in the presidential race, that massive resources can now be spent on trying to win back Senate control.

Late campaign spending, of course, is always subject to change. If Trump continues to be a problem at the top of the ticket, the Republican Party could always redirect resources down ballot.