Rep. Pete King Uses Texas Shooting To Ding Hillary Clinton


Rep. Peter King (R-NY) on Monday morning took the opportunity to try to ding Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during a discussion of a shooting at a Muhammad cartoon-drawing contest in Garland, Texas.

“When people like Hillary Clinton say the police shouldn’t have weapons of war — the fact is we are at war,” King said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “We’re at war with Islamist terrorism. We have to all the weapons and all the resources available.”

Clinton said last week in a speech on criminal justice reform that Americans need to pay more attention to interactions with police. “Weapons of war have no place on the streets,” the former secretary of state said of police militarization.

King also praised the police officer who used his pistol to shoot and kill two gunmen who opened fire with assault rifles outside the event, wounding another security officer. Police have yet to label the shooting a terror attack, but the Long Island congressman was quick to condemn it as such and defend the event organizer’s free speech rights.

“We shouldn’t be having a debate about whether or not that exhibition was provocative,” he said. “Being an American means you can be provocative. This is the First Amendment. We can’t sacrifice our constitution to Islamists or politically correct commentators.”

h/t The Hill