Fox Poll: Obama Up 5 Points Nationally

President Obama is up 5-points nationally, 48 percent to Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s 43 percent, according to a new poll from Fox News. From their analysis:

The small number of undecided voters have a more favorable opinion of Obama (43 percent) than Romney (31 percent).  However, they also are more likely to disapprove (44 percent) than approve (31 percent) of Obama’s job performance.  

More voters trust Obama on foreign affairs (+ 11 points) and terrorism (+ 10 points) and providing moral leadership for the country (+5 points).  More trust Romney on cutting government spending (+ 17 points).  The two are roughly even on improving the economy (Obama + 1 point) and managing tax dollars (Romney + 1 point).

Obama leads the overall PollTracker Average of the national race by 5.3 percent.