Fox Anchor Wants Obama To ‘DO SOMETHING!!’ To Stop ISIS

Fox News anchor Heather Childers is fed up with the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, and she’s frustrated with President Obama’s supposed inaction against the terrorists who have savagely murdered two American journalists.

So, what exactly does Childers think Obama should do to counter the radical militants? “Something,” that’s what.

Over the course of several, caps-lock-heavy tweets on Wednesday — written shortly after video surfaced showing an ISIS terrorist beheading Steven Joel Sotloff — Childers lambasted Obama, repeatedly demanding that the President do “something” without ever specifying what.

When one Twitter user wondered if Childers was calling for “war over the beheading of a journalist,” Childers scoffed. All she was suggesting, she explained, was that Obama “do something.”

And when the Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi chimed in to tell the anchor that her aggressive Twitter posturing was probably futile, Childers pressed on with her vague admonitions.

Perhaps Childers felt too confined by Twitter’s 140-character limit to delve into specifics. Fortunately, she’ll have two full hours on Fox this morning to elaborate.

h/t Mediaite