‘I Am So Uncomfortable Having This Conversation’: Fox Host On Neo-Nazis

Fox News host Melissa Francis on Wednesday said she was “uncomfortable” being questioned about her staunch defense of President Donald Trump’s remarks blaming “both sides” for violence that erupted at a white supremacist rally where participants changed Nazi slogans over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“He never said equal blame,” Francis said on Fox News’ “Outnumbered.” “No one said equal, and that’s one of the places where this went off the rails.”

“He said there were ‘very good people’ among the neo-Nazi protesters,” Fox News contributor Marie Harf replied. “He did — don’t roll your eyes! He did say those words, Melissa.”

“He didn’t say there were ‘very good people among neo-Nazi protesters.’ He didn’t say that. Find that,” Francis shot back.

“He said there were very good people on the other side,” Harf said. “It was clear what he was talking about.”

“There were people that were opposed to the statues coming down. Look, can I tell you this? I am so uncomfortable having this conversation,” Francis said.

She became visibly emotional and appeared to fight back tears as she continued, “Because I know what’s in my heart, and I know that I don’t think anyone is different, better or worse, based on the color of their skin, but I feel like there is nothing any of us can say right now without being judged!”

“You know, Melissa, there’ve been a lot of tears on our network, and across the country, and around the world,” co-host Harris Faulkner said.

“It’s a difficult place where we are,” Faulkner continued. “This is not 1950. We can do this. We can have this conversation. Oh, yes, we can. And it’s okay if we cry having it.”