Fox Hosts Try Desperately To Get Cheney To Make More Doomsday Terror Predictions (VIDEO)

Despite the best efforts of the “Fox & Friends” gang, Dick Cheney didn’t seem as eager on Wednesday to offer his second doomsday prediction within the past 24 hours.

The cable news channel’s morning trio had the former vice president on the program the day after he made headlines for a disquieting observation, which was pretty much all the hosts wanted to discuss.

Cheney had been interviewed by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday, and was asked whether the U.S. could “get through this decade without a massive attack on the homeland.

“I doubt it, I doubt. I think there will be another attack. And the next time, it’s likely to be far deadlier than the last one,” Cheney said before envisioning a possible nuclear attack on the Washington, D.C area.

When he ultimately arrived on the “Fox & Friends” couch, Cheney was plenty critical of President Obama — but the vice president was decidedly less ominous in his outlook.

“With the conflict in Iraq heating up, Dick Cheney says brace yourself for a new 9/11 — only this time it might be worse,” co-host Brian Kilmeade teased before the interview. “The former vice president, on our couch to explain.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the first of the three co-hosts to try and lure Cheney to envisage another day of infamy.

“Are you indicating in effect that we could be on track for something worse than 9/11?” Hasselbeck asked.

But this time, Cheney lacked the certitude he possessed in his interview with Hewitt.

“I think that’s a possibility,” he offered. “You know, I can’t say, specifically, at this point when something like that might happen. But it would be foolish for us to ignore the extent to which there are people, terror-sponsoring states, who have in fact tried to provide nuclear technology.”

Next up was Steve Doocy, whose set-up for Cheney harkened back to the days when the Iraq War’s boosters defended the occupation by insisting that it was better to fight the evildoers over “there than here.”

“And your worry is even though that what’s going on with Iraq is way over there that they bring it here because a lot of those people, the terrorists, have American passports,” Doocy said. “You know, in a couple of months one of them could be walking in front of our building with some sort of gizmo to wreak havoc.”

Cheney opted against painting such a nightmarish picture. Instead, he detailed the efforts of UK intelligence to track British militants who have spent time in Syria.

“People, in some cases British citizens, who have been to Syria, trained, been involved in the fighting there and are now back,” Cheney said. “There are an awful lot of al-Qaeda-type wannabes that in fact have gone to Syria just as they used to go to Afghanistan.”

Undeterred, Hasselbeck had one more go.

“Do you believe that this administration, President Obama specifically, has put us more at risk for a future attack, maybe not so distantly in the future?” she asked. “And then what is the biggest mistake that you would say, if you just did, we wouldn’t be at risk?”

But once again, Cheney didn’t appear interested in looking into the near future. He criticized the Obama administration for “dramatically reducing the United States military,” but there was no talk of a “far deadlier” 9/11.