Fox News Corrects Misleading Obamacare Enrollment Graphic

Fox News corrected a graphic that ran on “America’s Newsroom” Monday that made it look as if the Obama administration were falling far short of its health care enrollment goals.

Here’s what the original graphic looked like, as captured by Media Matters:

And here’s the correctly proportioned graphic Fox News aired Tuesday:

“Yesterday about this time you might have seen a graphic on the Obamacare sign-up numbers. Here is what it should have looked like,” host Bill Hemmer said. “On the left it shows the 6 million sign-ups reported from the administration as of March 27 compared to the target number of 7 million plus. That was our mistake, correction noted.”

But Hemmer still failed to mention that CBO had revised its enrollment projection down from 7 million to 6 million after’s glitchy rollout. In any case, Obamacare sign-ups were on track to hit that 7 million mark as the clock wound down on the open enrollment period Monday night.