$500,000 Donation Mysteriously Disappeared From Pro-Scott Group


A fairly large donation to Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s (R) re-election campaign seems to have disappeared from financial records.

Florida Crystals, a major sugar producer that’s privately owned by the Fanjul family, donated $500,000 to Scott’s Let’s Get to Work organization, the political group established to help boost the governor’s re-election campaign.

According to the Associated Press though, state financial records no longer show that contribution.

Let’s Get To Work attorney John French said that the initial listing of the contribution was a “mistake” and an “accounting error,” according to the AP. French added that the people who logged contributions to the campaign “mistook the information” and that “there was never a $500,000 check.”

A Florida Crystal spokesman also said the donation was an “accounting error.”

The sugar producer has previously donated to Scott’s re-election interests, including two checks that totaled $150,000 in June 2013.

Let’s Get to Work was set up in 2010. In 2011 the governor started raising money for the group. Earlier in March the group was closed and the $27.4 million in its bank account went to Scott’s new political committee by the same name. French said the money was transferred because a new Florida election law gives political committees broader ability to spend money.