Ex-US Attorney ‘Regrets Losing His Temper’ Over James O’Keefe’s ‘Impropriety’

Tulane University on Monday released a statement addressing conservative video maker James O’Keefe’s latest work, in which Jim Letten, former U.S. attorney and current assistant dean at the university’s law school, was filmed calling O’Keefe a “nasty little cowardly spud.”

From Tulane spokesman Michael Strecker:

This exchange, arising from an issue related to his previous position as U.S. Attorney, followed visits to Jim Letten’s home and campus office by James O’Keefe and his film crew that were intimidating and harassing to both his wife and staff. Despite the provocation of these unannounced and uninvited visits, Mr. Letten regrets losing his temper in addressing the impropriety of Mr. O’Keefe’s conduct.