Edward Snowden Stars In North Korean Propaganda Video

National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden is featured in a new video produced by Uriminzokkiri, a China-based website that provides news and propaganda from North Korea’s central news agency and has been described by Reuters as being “ultimately controlled from Pyongyang.” The Uriminzokkiri video includes photos of Snowden alongside Guardian coverage of his leaked NSA documents, an ominous soundtrack, footage of Washington, D.C. landmarks, and falling bits of computer code in the style of the movie “The Matrix” 

According to a translation from NK News, the narrator in the video claims, “recent news on America’s illegal spying activity has angered countries around the world.” The narrator also slams South Korea for its close relationship with the U.S. 

“The funny thing is that South Korea is taking sides with its master by rationalizing the idea that any country’s intelligence agencies can collect clandestine information for its own national security. Regardless of whether or not the story can be confirmed, South Korea has to consider the United State’s situation, they say, ” the narrator says. “How humiliating and servile! Only a puppet government would welcome American activities with open arms and applaud, even when they commit murder, wage war, or plunder wiretap.” 

Watch the video below.