Dana Perino Is Confused About Why Liberals Applaud Romney On Minimum Wage

Liberals, by and large, support a minimum wage hike. President Obama and Democrats have spent much of the year pushing the proposal amid Republican opposition.

So if the GOP’s most recent presidential nominee voices support for the Democratic position, which side do you think will be most enthused?

That is not a trick question.

After Mitt Romney called on his fellow Republicans this morning to back a minimum wage increase, the conservative writer Charles C.W. Cooke rightly identified the remarks as a political victory for Democrats.

That probably all seems pretty obvious. Both parties trumpet the other side’s apostasy when it serves them politically.

But former White House press secretary Dana Perino is nevertheless baffled by the reaction.

Perino even suggested on Friday night that liberals are somehow guilty of hypocrisy now that they’re celebrating Romney’s position on an issue that he waffled on during the 2012 campaign.

“I also love how the liberals who hated Mitt Romney so much because of his policies — what they said that he was only for the rich people — now they love him,” Perino said on Fox News.

In other news, New York Yankees fans now cheer for former Boston Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury.