Amid Fight With Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz Releases New Immigration Plan

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, gestures while addressing the Sunshine Summit in Orlando, Fla., Friday Nov. 13, 2015. (AP Photo/John Raoux)
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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) released his 2016 campaign immigration plan Friday, outlining a platform that predictably emphasizes bolstering border security but that also calls for a substantial overhaul to the legal immigration system.

Cruz has long positioned himself a hardliner on immigration, and his plan reiterated support for the bills he’s recently championed, like Kate’s Law and penalties for sanctuary cities. The plan also mirrors many of issues central to Donald Trump’s campaign, including building a border wall and ending birthright citizenship. Cruz released his plan while engaged in fight with 2016 rival Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) over who is tougher on immigration.

The plan proposes a number of changes to the legal immigration system, including a halt to any increases in legal immigration while “American unemployment remains unacceptably high,” an end to public assistance for immigrant households, and a new system of prioritizing legal immigrants that takes into account things like language skills and education.

Cruz also called for a suspension of the H1B visa program for six months while it was audited, while proposing other changes to the program, such as an advanced degree requirement. Rubio had previously pointed to Cruz’s support of raising the cap on H1B visas as proof the two were not so different on immigration.

Cruz’s plan doesn’t address how he would deal with the 11 million immigrants currently in the country illegally. Like the 2012 GOP nominee, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who favored “self-deportation,” Cruz seeks to make life so tough for undocumented immigrants they would leave on their own; Cruz’s plan, for instance, called for a ban on government benefits for undocumented immigrants.

“In the Senate, I have stood consistently with the majority of Americans against amnesty and lawlessness, and I will do the same as President,” his plan, posted to his campaign website, said. “I give you my solemn word that, if I am elected President, we will use that authority to secure the border, and to restore the value of American citizenship and the Rule of Law.”

The Texan senator also said he would make a federal crime overstaying the expiration of one’s visa.

Additionally, the plan attacked the Obama administration policy accepting Syrian refugees.

“Instead, we should prioritize refugee status for religious minorities, especially Christians, Jews, and others being systematically tortured and murdered by radical Islamists in Iraq and Syria today,” he said.

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  1. “Instead, we should prioritize refugee status for religious minorities, especially Christians, Jews, and others being systematically tortured and murdered by radical Islamists in Iraq and Syria today,” he said.

    Code for “We need more nutty religious people in America.”

  2. If this man had any power, he would be truly dangerous.

    Also unbuttoning his suit coat while gesticulating would look better.

  3. Two whacks fighting each other over there, and another two eating each other over here. But these two cannibals’ fighting (and over immigration, that is) is potentially worth more attention, since at the end of the day they may be the last two standing.

  4. Can’t you just see the political ads from the Democrats showing Cruz and/or Rubio, both Hispanic, making it obvious they only want to allow highly-skilled, ENglish-language, appropriate-religion white people into the USA (excluding Hispanics, Arabs & Asians).

  5. Oh, that’s just one (and a fairly minor one at that) amendment that Cruz would have to put through to implement his plans.

    He wants to change the whole process of how Justices are nominated, for a big example. No more “For Life” appointments. And he wants the possibility of having every Justice removed and appointed by each new President (well, at least republican Presidents…I am not sure how he finagles that one). Which essentially makes the President the only power in the nation. Any disagreement with Congress? Decided by his hand picked Court. Legality of any action the President takes? Decided by his hand picked Court. Any disagreement with the hand picked Court? Replace those who disagree and then have it decided by the new hand picked Court.

    That one alone is a biggie. And by comparison, doing away with birth right citizenship is a gnat by comparison. You really don’t even have to amend the Constitution after that…just appoint a Court that re interprets the Constitution to say it doesn’t exist.

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