Conway Uses Props To Show She Doesn’t Think Trump Colluded With Russia

To help viewers understand her opinion on news that Donald Trump Jr. held a meeting Kremlin-linked lawyer to get dirt on his father’s opponent, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway used cue cards during a Fox News interview.

Appearing on “Hannity” Wednesday night, Conway claimed the American people are pushing back against the mainstream media, saying ratings are low — “Not yours, Sean, congratulations on your incredible ratings,” she clarified — and questioned why the press is covering Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer instead of the President’s meeting with the Russian president.

“Do you realize the President of the United States sat with the president of Russia less than a week ago for two hours and 15 minutes, and yet we are talking about this? Do you realize we’ve got people in the media now, between their lower third chyrons and what comes out of their mouths, they talk more about Russia more than America? Thank you for talking about America so often,” she said to host Sean Hannity.

Conway said there was “zero usable information” that came out of Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer during the campaign and held up a cue card with the words “Conclusion?” and “Collusion” written on it in bold, with an “X” through the word collusion.

“I want to review in case you run out of time. This is for the people at home. What is the conclusion? Collusion? No, we don’t have that yet,” she said, scribbling over the word with a red marker and then holding up a new set up cards with the words “Illusion” and “Delusion” written in bold letters.

“I see illusion and delusion. So just so we’re clear, everyone, four words, conclusion, collusion, no. Illusion, delusion, yes. I just thought we’d have some fun with words, Sesame’s Grover word of the day, perhaps, Sean, because you’re absolutely right. To date, they basically set out this Venus fly trap and said ‘One day we’ll catch something.’”

She went on to say the American people “appreciate” the fact that Trump Jr. released his emails and appeared on the Hannity show “for all to see.”

“Compare that to hiding and furtiveness that we saw during the last campaign by the other side,” she said, with Hannity adding he was going to buy her a “white board.”