Conservatives Think Tom Cotton Drill Sergeant Ad Is Awesome (Video)

Conservatives are pretty excited about a new ad by Rep. Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) Senate campaign featuring his old drill sergeant.

The campaign ad includes Cotton, who served a tour in the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, describing how his drill sergeant taught him about “accountability, humility, and putting the unit before yourself.”

Cotton is the likely GOP nominee expected to face Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) in the general election.

“Senator Pryor says my military service has brought in a sense of entitlement, so I brought in an expert,” Cotton said in the ad, as Norton slides in next to Cotton.

“I met Sgt. Norton at basic training,” Cotton said.

“It’s still drill Sgt. Norton. At ease,” Norton said.

“Drill Sgt. Norton taught me how to be a soldier: accountability, humility, and putting the unit before yourself. That training stuck,” Cotton said.

The ad got plenty of praise on Monday.

Watch the ad, released Monday, below: