Conservative Group Puts Millions Into Pennsylvania, Michigan

The conservative American Future Fund is dumping $5 million into television and radio ads in a final push before the election, including big buys in Pennsylvania and Michigan, Politico reports

For the final stretch of the election, AFF will spend $4 million on statewide broadcast and cable TV in three Midwestern battlegrounds: Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio. The group will run $1.88 million in Michigan ads, $1.67 million in Pennsylvania ads and $457,000 on Ohio TV spots.

And here’s their radio strategy: 

AFF is also mounting a $1.3 million radio campaign on a more conventional swing-state map, spending about $107,000 in Colorado, $182,000 in Florida, $80,000 in Iowa, $85,000 in Nevada, $80,000 in New Hampshire, $218,000 in Ohio, $167,000 in Virginia and $210,000 in Wisconsin.

Of the two new TV spots in the final push, one is targeted at women, the other is a positive, minute-long spot cut after the first debate that focuses on Romney’s plan to grow the economy.