Congratulating Trump, Ted Cruz Reminds Him Of His Promises To Conservatives

Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx/STRMX2

Sen. Ted Cruz — a bitter foe of Donald Trump in the GOP primary who eventually came around to endorse him — issued a statement congratulating the President-elect on his victory, setting the marker for actions he’d like to see a Trump administration to take.

“I am eager to help lead the fight in the Senate to pass the conservative agenda that President-elect Trump promised to the American people,” Cruz said.

The statement, implicitly, reminded Trump of the various promises he made to conservatives over the course of the campaign, including the repeal of Obamacare, the nomination to the Supreme Court of judges that Trump previewed, and a tough stance on immigration.

He described the campaign as a “change election” and a rebuke to the Obama administration’s agenda.

“This election astonished the pundits. This was a change election,” Cruz said. “Americans voted for Republicans because of a promise to go to Washington to reverse our current course, and end the Washington cartel — a promise to drain the swamp. Now is the time to follow through on those words with action. We cannot wait even one day to begin implementing a conservative agenda that fulfills those commitments.”

After losing in GOP primary, Cruz at first withheld his endorsement at the Republican National Convention, but eventually gave Trump his support.