Colorado Town To Vote On Drone-Hunting Proposal


Residents of Deer Trail, Colo. may soon be able to obtain permits allowing them to shoot drone aircraft out of the sky. 

A judge ruled Tuesday that a petition drive to put a proposal to issue drone-hunting permits to a vote was legal, Denver TV station KUSA reported, setting the stage for a special election to decide the issue.

The small town has only 320 registered voters, according to KUSA. Only 19 signatures were needed to trigger the special election. 

Deer Trail’s mayor, Frank Fields, said the week before the court decision that a special election could take place after April 1 if a judge ruled in favor of the petition’s supporters.

“I’d really like to see this go through,” Fields said, as quoted by KUSA. “For the, you know, benefit of the town, make a little extra income.” 

After the proposal was introduced, almost a thousand applications for the $25 permits flooded the town clerk’s office from as far away as the United Kingdom.