Coburn: I’ll Vote Against Payroll Deal If It’s Not Fully Paid For

Count Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) as a likely “no” vote on the payroll tax cut package.

“If it’s not paid for I won’t vote for it,” Coburn told reporters. “Period.” He added that he hasn’t seen the conference report yet, and TPM noted that the payroll tax cut is not expected to be funded (although the other provisions are.)

“I’m not going to vote for it,” Coburn continued. “We’re going to have a $1.3 trillion deficit this year. I can show you $350 billion worth of waste or fraud in our present federal government, and we don’t have the gonads to stand up and find some of that to pay for this? Instead our easy way out is we’re going to charge it to our children? That’s immoral to me. It’s absolutely immoral.”