Now 2 CNN Producers Were Arrested For Trespassing At World Trade Center

Alexandra Schuler/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

The New York Times could write a trend piece at this point on trespassers sneaking into Ground Zero.

Two CNN producers were arrested Tuesday while allegedly trying to break into the World Trade Center site to report on recent security breaches, the Times reported. Their arrests follow those of a 16-year-old who accessed the tower’s roof last week and three BASE jumpers who parachuted off the tower in September and turned themselves in Monday along with their lookout.

The producers, Yonatan Pomrenze, 35, and Connor Fieldman Boals, 26, allegedly tried to enter the property around 2 p.m. — peak tourist time — armed with a tripod videocamera and a GoPro camera, according to Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesman Joseph Pentangelo. The men were stopped by police twice while trying to go through access gates and climb fences before being arrested, Pentangelo said.

CNN offered no comment on the incident beyond a statement saying the producers were not asked to sneak into the site, but were just doing a “story about the recent incidents at the W.T.C. and other sites — the notion that daredevils are being drawn to them,” according to the Times.

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