Cliven Bundy Abandons The Republican Party


After waging a lengthy turf war with the federal Bureau of Land Management and offering his thoughts on the current state of “the Negro,” Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has decided his views no longer align with the Republican Party.

The Associated Press reported that Bundy and his wife Carol signed registration forms on Friday night to switch their affiliation from the Republican Party to the Independent American Party. The party was holding an event in Las Vegas to honor what its organizers called Bundy’s “courage in standing up for state sovereignty,” according to the AP.

Bundy was hailed as a hero by many pundits and lawmakers on the right for refusing to back down in a standoff with the BLM, which was prompted by grazing fees he neglected to pay for years. Many of those who championed Bundy’s cause against the BLM later condemned the rancher’s remarks about blacks potentially being “better off as slaves” than “under government subsidy.”