Clinton Says Trump Has ‘Phony Strength’ Not ‘Real Strength’ (VIDEO)

During an interview that aired Sunday on CNN, Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump displays “phony strength” when he makes “outrageous statements” about national security.

“There’s phony strength and there’s real strength,” Clinton said when asked about Trump’s supporters who believe he is a strong leader. “And it’s phony strength to not know what you’re talking about, and to make outrageous statements that will actually make our job harder, no matter how, in the moment, it sounds.”

“Real strength is leveling with the American people and making it clear we will defeat ISIS,” she continued. “We’ve got to make sure that here at home, we’re not opening doors to people who feel that somehow they want to be part of this global movement because Donald Trump has said it’s a war between us and them, and that’s pretty attractive to people.”

Watch the clip via CNN: