Hillary Clinton: Setting Up A Private Email Server ‘Wasn’t The Best Choice’


Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton told an audience Wednesday in Iowa that her exclusive use of a private email account during her tenure at the State Department “clearly wasn’t the best choice” and that she understood why there were so many questions swirling around that decision.

“I get it,” Clinton said at a campaign stop, as quoted by The New York Times. “So here’s what I want the American people to know: My use of personal email was allowed by the State Department. It clearly wasn’t the best choice. I should’ve used two emails: one personal, one for work.”

“I take responsibility for that decision,” she added.

The tenor of those remarks differed from the manner in which Clinton previously responded to questions about the private email server. When a Fox News reporter last week asked whether she wiped the server clean before turning it over to the FBI, Clinton joked “What, like with a cloth or something?”

The former secretary of state further maintained, as she has since reports emerged that the FBI was looking into the security of her so-called “homebrew” server, that she never sent or received sensitive information via her private email account.

“I’m confident that this process will prove that I never sent, nor received, any email that was marked classified,” she said, as quoted by the Times.