Clinton Ribs Trump For ‘Stay Cool’ Pep Talk: Was That On The Teleprompter?

Hillary Clinton ripped her opponent Donald Trump on Thursday for urging himself to “stay cool” and focused during a rally of his the night before.

During her speech in Winterville, North Carolina, Clinton brought up Trump’s third-person remarks in which he gave himself a pep talk to stay “nice and cool, stay on point, Donald.” She said she wondered if those remarks were actually fed into the teleprompter by Trump’s campaign as a reminder. Clinton mocked that Trump needed to do that and once again questioned his temperament.

“This is someone who at another rally last night actually said out loud, to himself, ‘Stay on point, Donald. Stay on point,'” Clinton mocked. “His campaign probably put that in the teleprompter. ‘Stay on point, Donald, stay on point.'”

Clinton used that quote as a way to show that Trump is not prepared to handle the pressures of the presidency.

“His instinct is to say whatever pops into his head, no matter how wrong he is. He can’t help himself,” she said. “So, is this someone we want to put in charge of our military?”