Christie Watch: RedState Weighs In

RedState’s Erick Erickson has the following to say about all the Christie hoopla:

This is like rain and snow in New York. Whenever it rains or snows in New York the national media fixates on the rain and snow in New York as if it is an unheralded event of apocalyptic proportions never seen before or to be seen again.

But it happens every year. And every year the media covers the New York to DC weather more than the weather in all the rest of the states combined.

It’s because the national media lives there and is most attuned to that area and all the reporters’ friends are there and OMG all the people who work on Wall Street and hang out with the NYC-NJ types think the New Jersey Republican they are most familiar with can beat Barack Obama.

Like the rain and snow, Chris Christie gets all this news because Chris Christie is the Governor of New Jersey where so many of the media types live. Oh, and just as they are so familiar with him, he is so familiar with them and played them very well.