Christie Continues Attack On Obama

Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) continues to weigh in President Obama. Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, the former presidential flirt and possible GOP vice presidential candidate sniped at the sitting president.

“It’s a sad day in our nation’s history to have a bystander in the Oval Office, and that’s what we have,” Christie said according to CNN’s Peter Hamby.

The remark comes just one day after Christie tore into Obama for his failure to show leadership during supercommittee negotiations.

“I was angry this weekend listening to the spin coming out of the administration about the failure of the super committee,” said Christie during a press conference on Tuesday. “The president knew that it was doomed for failure so he didn’t get involved. Well, then what the hell are we paying you for? It’s doomed for failure so I’m not getting involved? Well, what have you been doing exactly?” he said.