MSNBC’s Chris Hayes To Conservative Laura Ingraham: ‘Amen, Sister’ (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes offered an “amen” to an unlikely person on Tuesday night: conservative commentator Laura Ingraham.

During an appearance on the Fox News show “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning, Ingraham had urged Americans not to react “emotionally” to propaganda videos released by the Islamic State terrorist group, instead calling for “clearheaded debate.”

“I don’t think we should jump every time the freaks with the Ace bandages around their faces put out videos,” Ingraham said.

During “All In with Chris Hayes” that night, the MSNBC host clapped slowly in response.

“Amen, sister,” Hayes said, adding that Ingraham was making “essentially the same point” that he had long made.

Watch below via MSNBC:

h/t Mediaite