‘No, You’re Wrong!’ Christie Blows Up At Woman About Bruce Springsteen (VIDEO)


Chris Christie is very serious about Bruce Springsteen. Chris Christie also has a bit of a temper.

Both of those things were on vivid display at a town hall event on Tuesday, when a woman suggested that “The Boss” had asked the New Jersey governor to stop using his music at events.

“But I was under the impression, I thought I heard that Bruce asked that none of his music was played at your events because he didn’t believe in your politics,” she said before being cut off by Christie.

“No. Never did that,” Christie shot back. “Nah, you’re wrong about that. Bruce has never asked me to do that. He never has. No, you’re wrong. In fact, I saw Bruce just a week and a half ago.”

The woman dug a deeper hole when she mentioned that Christie had been dancing with Bon Jovi at a benefit last weekend in the Hamptons.

“Well, no, that I was doing this weekend and I wasn’t dancing with Bon Jovi. Actually, I was dancing with Jamie Foxx. So, if you’re going to be cute we should get the story right. I saw Bruce about a week-and-a-half ago and he had every opportunity to tell me not to. He didn’t and he never has told me not to do it.”

“Listen, I know him and you’re wrong,” he added.

h/t Business Insider