Carney: Filibustering Gun Legislation ‘Shameful,’ Disservice To Newtown Victims

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday that it would be “shameful” to filibuster any potential legislation regulating the nation’s guns, characterizing it as a disservice to Newtown, Conn. school shooting victims.

“Vote no. Don’t block a vote,” Carney told reporters aboard Air Force One. “That’s not doing service to the memory of these kids.”

President Obama will again implore Congress to move forward on sensible reforms to curb gun violence at an event in Denver, Colorado today, praising the steps voters have taken there recently to limit gun magazines and expanded background checks for gun purchases. 

“Colorado has already chosen to do something about it,” he will say later today, according to prepared remarks. “This is, obviously, a state that has suffered the tragedy of two of the worst mass shootings in our history – 14 years ago this month in Columbine, and just last year in Aurora.  This is also a state that treasures its Second Amendment rights – a state of proud hunters and sportsmen, with a strong tradition of gun ownership that’s handed down from generation to generation with reverence and respect.”